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WoodSpring Hotels Top Destinations

WoodSpring Hotels has 220+ extended stay hotels available in 30+ states and dozens of popular and great cities throughout the United States. These destinations allow business and pleasure travelers to explore the things that matter to them. Whether that’s museums, theme parks, shopping, sporting events, zoos, national monuments and memorials and more. Each destination brings something new and exciting and WoodSpring Hotels wants to be your choice during your travels.


Austin offers visitors awesome food (especially Barbecue), top notch attractions for adults and families alike and one of the liveliest music scenes in all of America. One of the best ways to explore everything Austin has to offer is to take a few extra days to do it. WoodSpring Hotels is an extended stay hotel… View More

Baton Rouge

Sitting at the heart of Louisiana is state’s capitol- Baton Rouge. Baton Rouge has a rather young population due to the influence of Louisiana State University, Southern University and A&M College, and Our Lady of the Lake College. With a true southern flare, the town is full of entertainment and charm. WoodSpring Hotels offers two… View More


Charlotte is a world-class city in terms of things to do and charm. We have extended stay hotels with in-room kitchens, weekly rates, free wi-fi, and guest laundry. Stay with us and enjoy the city for a great price. View More


Welcome to Charlotte, the largest city in North Carolina. Where sports, art, music, commerce, nature and family fun collide – Charlotte truly has something for everyone. Home to Bank of America and Wells Fargo east coast operations, Charlotte is the second largest banking center in the United States. But, there’s plenty of fun to be had,… View More

Chattanooga, Tennessee - also known as "The Scenic City" is one of the South’s top travel destinations.

Looking for an affordable hotel in Chattanooga for an extended stay? WoodSpring Hotels is a great option. We have three room options, all with kitchens, and a location that offers you access to all the best that the city and region have to offer. View More


Visiting Cincinnati? Our extended stay hotels are in great locations and have free wi-fi (at WoodSpring Suites), guest laundry, in-room kitchens, and weekly rates. Enjoy Ohio - stay with us. View More


As the capital of Ohio, Columbus is growing, which means there are more things to do, see and explore than ever before. Columbus is a popular destination for both business and leisure travelers. Visitors of the Midwest Giant will find friendly locals, great eats and a wide variety of concerts, events and festivals. With true… View More


Dallas is one of the largest hubs in the Midwest, providing easy access to Fort Worth, Arlington and Plano. The Dallas metro area is also the hub of many corporate headquarters including AT&T, Exxon Mobil, Hilliburton Company, Energy Transfer Equity, American Airlines, Flour Corp., and Kimberly-Clark Corp. But, Dallas isn’t just a stop for business… View More


It doesn’t matter what you’re looking for in a vacation, Denver has the answer. Whether you’re into history, sports, art, or nautre, Denver has something that will make your trip unforgettable, and it starts by booking your stay with WoodSpring Hotels. WoodSpring Hotels offers guests a refreshingly different kind of extended stay experience, including free wi-fi… View More

El Paso

Going to El Paso, Texas and looking for a great hotel deal? Our extended stay hotels have low weekly rates, in-room kitchens, guest laundry, and wi-fi all in incredibly clean and comfortable hotels near the best the city has to offer.  View More

Fort Lauderdale

Ft. Lauderdale is so much more than just a spring break hang out. Locals enjoy the balmy 83.3 degree weather and beautiful beaches throughout the year, and visitors cannot seem to get enough, either. However, if the beach isn’t your scene, attractions, museums and shopping are not in short supply. An easy way to make… View More

Fort Myers

If you’re looking for the best of Florida – friendly people, sunny beaches, natural beauty, and plenty of activities indoors and outside – look to Fort Myers, Florida. Located on the Gulf Coast in Southwest Florida, Ft. Myers is close to Tampa and Miami but is its own paradise. WoodSpring Hotels has two WoodSpring Suites extended… View More


Houston is a bustling city that bumps up against Galveston Bay and has something to offer everyone. As our nation’s fourth largest city and one of the most ethnically diverse in the world, Houston offers great food, attractions, medical facilities, shopping and events. Almost 15 million people visited Houston in 2014 and transportation to/from Houston… View More


Visiting Jacksonville, Florida and looking for a low-cost hotel? Our extended stay hotels offer low, weekly rates for comfortable, clean rooms with in-room kitchens, free wi-fi, and access to guest laundry. View More

Kansas City

We have great, extended stay hotels on both sides of Kansas City - KCK, and KCMo. Enjoy in-room kitchens, guest laundry, free wi-fi at all WoodSpring Suites locations, and weekly rates that allow you to enjoy all the market has to offer for a great price. View More


When taking advantage of all Louisville, KY was to offer (including the Kentucky Derby) - consider our extended stay hotels. Low, weekly rates, in-room kitchens, wi-fi, and guest laundry room 24/7.  View More


A medium-sized city that is BIG on things to do, we have you covered in Nashville, TN. Our extended stay hotels include weekly rates, in-room kitchens, guest laundry, and free wi-fi at WoodSpring Suites locations. View More

Oklahoma City

Oklahoma is a city full of businesses, attractions and history. The city has a feeling all its own- a bustling metropolitan city with a classic cowboy influence. When you’re in OKC, whether for business or leisure, there is something for everyone, and WoodSpring Hotels offers a welcoming and relaxing extended stay experience. All WoodSpring Suites… View More


Visiting or doing business in Omaha, NE? Our extended stay hotels are great options for a few nights or more. Weekly rates, in-room kitchens, wi-fi, and guest laundry room. All part of our incredibly clean and comfortable rooms. View More


Orlando is located in central Florida. It’s sunny, warm and welcoming all year round. In 2014, Orlando surpassed New York City as the most visited city in the United States. It isn’t hard to see why either. Orlando is home to dozens of amusement parks, museums galore, many festivals and shows, and super friendly locals.… View More

The Rio Grande Valley of South Texas

From Big Bend to San Padre Island the southern border of Texas, along the Rio Grande, is full of great destinations, food, people, and opportunity. Our extended stay hotels have low weekly rates and the comforts of home. View More

St. Louis

Planning a St. Louis visit for vacation or work? Consider our extended stay hotels north and south of downtown. Low, weekly rates. In-room kitchens, wi-fi, and guest laundry room all part of incredibly comfortable and clean rooms. View More

Sunshine State Destinations

From Ft. Walton Beach in the panhandle to Orlando in the center of the state, to Ft. Myers on the southern, Gulf Coast - our Florida extended stay hotels have low weekly rates year-round so you can always enjoy the sun and a great deal. View More

Washington, DC

As our nation’s capital, Washington, D.C. is a popular destination for business and leisure travelers. With more than 18 million people visiting the city in 2014, it is one of the most visited cities in the United States. Washington, D.C. is a great place to dive into history, culture and museums – and so many of the points… View More

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